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As the changing world in which we live develops, we will need to incorporate the skills of many professionals such as engineers, designers, chefs, and architects in order to move forward.

At Ravenfield Primary Academy we believe that Design and Technology is a necessary subject as it harnesses many of these important skills that all children should progressively build on with acquired knowledge. We aim to allow children to use their imagination and creativity to design and make a range of products within a variety of contexts. Children will build and apply the knowledge and skills needed to design high quality products with a critical approach which will influence how the world changes in the future. They are also given the opportunity to understand nutrition and how to cook.  

These skills will enable children to become self-confident citizens who are able to contribute and inspire ideas through using the language and skills of Design and Technology. At Ravenfield Primary Academy, we provide a range of memorable and purposeful experiences that will engage and inspire children of all abilities to develop a love of Design and Technology that can be applied both in this subject and transferred across the wider curriculum.



The teaching and implementation of Design and Technology at Ravenfield Academy is based on the National Curriculum and linked to year group topics to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum is offered which meet the learning needs of all children at Ravenfield school. The children learn about the different aspects of designing and making a product that is fit for purpose in the real world and the skills needed to complete this.

D&T is taught on a regular basis linking into the topic areas covered, this is achieved through a flexible approach. For example, one year group may teach D&T for an hour per week whereas others may have a DT Day within the half term. All year groups follow a similar pattern and focus on the following:

  • The skills needed to create their product (e.g., using a ruler, cutting skills)
  • Looking at existing products and researching key features and purpose
  • Finding out the audience and evaluating what they would need a product to be like
  • Designing 
  • Making
  • Testing or tasting
  • Evaluating.

Children will be given opportunities wherever possible to work with and meet people who work in different sectors across the community and nationally to broaden experience and aspiration. 



Children learn how to take risks and be critical. They will become resourceful, innovative, and capable citizens, whilst utilising a range of communicative skills to express and present their designs. Through challenge and refining their ideas, they will embrace improvement and become more ambitious as a result. Children will deepen their understanding and independence within other subject areas as well as extending skills beyond their design and technology lessons. 

 Our Design Technology Curriculum Progression information can be found by clicking here.