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Ravenfield Students Help to Increase Road Safety

Ravenfield Primary Academy students design their own 'Parking Buddies' to prevent dangerous parking. 

Ravenfield Primary Academy students have taken school parking problems into their own hands by designing their own ‘Parking Buddies’.

The ‘Parking Buddies’, funded by the devolved budget of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Team, were designed by students Ellen and Paige as a parking deterrent to discourage parents from parking outside the gates of their school on Moor Lane North, Ravenfield.

Caroline Coates, Principal at Ravenfield Academy, said: “The students have loved taking part in designing the parking buddies and we can’t thank our neighbourhood team and Rotherham Council enough for helping to keep our children safe! We hope that with the introduction of the ‘Parking Buddies’ there will an increase in road safety around our school for our children.”

Councillor Ann Russell of the RMBC Local Neighbourhood team, said: “The school is located on such a busy and dangerous road so we’re hoping that the parking buddies not only prevent dangerous parking, but also slow drivers down.

“Drivers on the road are often oblivious to the school even being there so anything we can do to raise awareness will be worthwhile.”

Cllr Ann Russell, Cllr Julie Colley, Caroline Coates (Principal) , Cllr Alan Napper, Daniel Haynes (Vice Principal) and students Paige and Ellen.