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At Ravenfield Primary Academy we aim to provide a rich, broad and creative curriculum which motivates and inspires our children and also encourages them to be actively involved in making choices about their learning.

The foundation subjects are studied through topic based themes and cross curricular links are made wherever possible and encourage children to make links within their learning.

Topics have been developed with a great emphasis on global culture and cover aspects of history, geography, music, art, design and technology and P.E. as well as beliefs and faiths from around the world. Our curriculum follows a two year rolling programme and takes into full consideration the 2014 National Curriculum.

We understand the importance for children to be provided with the opportunity to develop a lifelong love of learning and to have the opportunity to practice the skills that they will need as they progress through to secondary education and on into later life.

The curriculum at Ravenfield Primary Academy recognises that children learn in different ways and encourages them to work co-operatively, to follow their own lines of enquiry, to learn independently and to learn through a range of different experiences.

We are keen to prepare the children to become self-confident and independent learners who have an understanding not only of what to learn but also of how to learn.