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Speaking, listening, reading and writing form the essential foundation of the whole curriculum and are the principal ways we communicate our thoughts, ideas and opinions.

English is one of the core subjects of the National Curriculum and is taught on a daily basis using a wide variety of teaching and learning styles. Children are taught in mixed ability classes and experience whole class collaborative learning, group work, paired and individual learning opportunities. We understand the importance of children developing lifelong learning skills.

We aim to provide a rich and varied English curriculum where children are inspired and stimulated by a wide range of quality texts on paper and on screen. We want them to be immersed in the rich language of different authors and encouraged to express themselves discuss their opinions in a variety of real life situations.

We strongly believe a love of reading enhances children’s lives and also equips them with the language and vocabulary to become successful writers. We teach children to enjoy reading individually, in guided group work and as a whole class through Reciprocal Reading.

ICT is used to enhance the pace of the lesson and their learning. Wherever possible cross curricular links are made to allow the children to import the knowledge from other subjects and export the skills and techniques of English to enable the children to understand the purpose and relevance of the subject. The teaching of spelling, handwriting and phonics is planned and delivered outside of the daily lessons.