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Curriculum Guarantee

By the end of EYFS (Foundation 2) children will have:  

  • Prepared delicious food for others to eat  

  • Go to a real-life nativity experience 

  • Perform in a nativity in school 

  • Visited and bought something from a shop themselves  

  • Visited a nature reserve

  • Seen an animal born/hatched and looked after it

  • Been to a theatre performance either in or outside school  

  • Made a shelter for themselves outside  

  • Splashed, in  wellies, in puddles  

  • Played in autumn leaves  

  • Been taught popular poems and nursery rhymes  

  • Built a snowman  

  • Sung for other people to listen  


By the end of key stage one, children will have:  

  • Performed in front of a live audience  

  • Grown something  

  • Been bird watching  

  • Had their artwork in an exhibition  

  • Visited the seaside and built a sandcastle  

  • Raised some money for charity  

  • Planted food, grown food and eaten the same food  

  • Written to an important person  

  • Visited a zoo or wildlife park  

  • Visited a wildlife conservation park

  • Visited a castle or ruin  

  • Spoken to someone outside their usual social group (for example from another school)  


By the end of lower key stage two, children will have:  

  • Spent a day at University 

  • Learnt a poem off by heart  

  • Made (directed) a film

  • Been to a performance at a theatre  

  • Performed on stage  

  • Read their own work for an audience 

  • Learned to swim  

  • Raised money for an issue which is important to them  

  • Learned to play a musical instrument  

  • Worked to improve the environment of the school and surrounding area  


By the end of upper key stage two, children will have:  

  • Visited a nationally important art gallery and museum  

  • Had a picnic in a park  

  • Met a famous author  

  • Visited a large city  

  • Stayed away from home overnight  

  • Taken part in outdoor, adventurous activities that challenge and develop teamwork

  • Performed in front of a larger audience  

  • Taken part in a school production

  • Identified an issue, written to influential people to express their opinion and raised money to support it  

  • Seen a theatre or concert performance in a major venue