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You said........ We did ............... Parent Do jo links 

July 2016 You said " Improve communication between home and school so we know more about what is happening in school and how we can help" 

                  We did - Introduced the Do jo communication system in September 2016  -98% of parents view Do Jo posts  the system is used for information                           sharing/ communication with teachers/newsletters/notices/reminders/homework and rewards for pupils. 

                  You said " We really like the Do jo system - I get to hear and see what my daughter is learning about " FS2 Father 2017 

Do Jo - We are further developing its use this year - Pupils tell us they love getting the Do Jo award but how much better if we could post our own work to share with parents. Friends of Ravenfield are helping us purchase more devices in order to enable this to be a regualr feature in 2017 - watch this space!