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Everyone knows how essential it is for children to feel confident and be competent in the use of computers and technology in its many different formats...

Staff are skilled in the use of technology as a medium for teaching and learning. The use of interactive whiteboards, visualisers, slideshows, web-based resources, audio and video clips etc. are all part of daily life in the classroom here at school. We invest in a range of computers and other devices that we hope will stimulate and engage the children in their learning as well as allow them to learn certain skills and applications that they will need in the future.

We currently teach skills in computing and programming through a range of topics and contexts and we aim to make clear cross curricular links to specific subjects such as maths and science when appropriate.

The children are encouraged to learn how to use Microsoft Office software and explore its use and application in different contexts. These skills are re-visited and developed over the years here at school. Children are encouraged to develop programming skills through the use of specific applications.

Safe use of the internet for research, communication and pleasure is another key element to our ICT and computing curriculum. We have developed specific units of work linked to E-safety and awareness for the different key stages.

Computing and ICT will remain a fundamental part of the curriculum here at Ravenfield Primary Academy and we strive to enrich experiences for the children, using ICT to record and develop many different aspects of the learning.