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Core Learning Characteristics

Our whole curriculum is designed for the children who make up our community and the world that they live in: at school, in the village, in Rotherham, in the UK and as part of a digital world. 

We are Ravenfield Primary Academy’: These are our core learning characteristics for every learner in the academy.

  • We are Resilient learners who achieve their best by listening carefully, trying hard and never giving up. 

  • We are Responsible citizens who behave respectfully, morally, celebrate diversity, know that actions have consequences and care about the future of the world they live. 

  • We are Knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects.  

  • We are Confident individuals who believe in ourselves, are resourceful, independent and trust those around us. We are ambitious and accept nothing less than our very best. We take risks and engage in activities that allow us to flourish.

  • We are Kind to others. We know what is right and wrong and will discuss situations and what we see and hear but always remember to reflect on the feelings of others. We have strong social and moral ideals and challenge inequality and prejudice.  

  • We are part of a Team that works together.