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Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to Ravenfield Primary Academy! We welcome children, their parents/carers and families into our friendly, happy and hardworking learning environment where we have respect for others and positive attitudes towards work and behaviour.

We are proud to be part of Maltby Learning Trust and are determined that we will provide all of our children with exceptional experiences to ensure that they have successful lives during their time in the academy and beyond. 

Ravenfield Primary Academy:  
Exceptional experiences successful lives


At Ravenfield Primary Academy we work towards ensuring that all our children are:

  • Resilient learners who achieve their best by listening carefully, trying hard and never giving up. 
  • Responsible citizens who behave respectfully, morally, celebrate diversity, know that actions have consequences and care about the future of the world they live in. 

  • Knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects.  

  • Confident individuals who believe in themselves, are resourceful, independent and trust those around them. They are ambitious and accept nothing less than their very best. They take risks and engage in activities that allow them to flourish.

  • Kind to others. They know what is right and wrong and will discuss situations and what they see and hear but always remember to reflect on the feelings of others. They have strong social and moral ideals and challenge inequality and prejudice.  

  • Part of a Team that works together. 

Our motto is:  #weareRavenfield. This is because the whole team, staff and governors are passionate about supporting all of our children to have access to a range of exceptional experiences during their time in the academy.

To achieve this we provide a rich, broad and creative curriculum, which motivates and inspires our children and encourages them to be actively involved in making choices about their learning. Our curriculum supports the use of exceptional experiences such as educational visits, links with partners and visitors to ensure that the children are inspired by their learning and the curriculum. The foundation subjects are studied in depth and cross-curricular links are made wherever possible. Subjects taught cover history, geography, music, art, modern foreign languages, computing, design and technology and P.E. as well as beliefs and faiths from around the world. At Ravenfield Primary Academy, we frequently discuss and reflect upon our curriculum. We adapt our plans to meet the changing needs and interests of our children. At the beginning of each subject, we remind the children to talk about what they already know and what they will find out more about. English and mathematics feature throughout the curriculum, giving our children the opportunity to read, write and calculate within a variety of contexts. We are passionate about ensuring that all of our children become fluent and enthusiastic readers, early reading is a focus to ensure that, without exception, our children are fluent readers who 'LEARN TO READ, READ TO LEARN & READ FOR FUN'. We aim to introduce our children to challenging and inspiring books and texts during their time in the academy. An emphasis on investigating rich vocabulary and developing oracy and spoken language is at the heart of our curriculum. 

All children at Ravenfield take part in a wide range of sporting activities. Specialist sports provision, is part of the PE curriculum across school, developing children’s skills and inspiring them to want to do their best. All children have the chance to participate in inter-school sports competitions.

Children at Ravenfield all get the opportunity at some point to learn at least one musical instrument, there are opportunities to continue with this instruction where children are motivated and interested to do so. We are supported in discovering and developing our musicians with specialist music tuition and teaching.

Thank you for visiting our website. We very much hope that it will provide you with a range of useful information and give you a real insight into the day to day life at our school. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us by e-mail, telephone or call into the school office.

Mrs C Coates