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Values and Ethos

‘We Are Ravenfield Primary Academy’ and our curriculum is designed for the children who make up our community and the world that they live in: at school, in the village, in Rotherham, in the UK and as part of a digital world.


• To develop Successful Learners who achieve their best by listening carefully, trying hard and never giving up.

• To develop Responsible Citizens who celebrate diversity, know that actions have consequences and care about the future of the world they live.

• To develop Confident individuals who believe in themselves and trust those around them. They become ambitious and accept nothing less than their very best. Principles In order to achieve these aims we are an inclusive school with these principles.

• We deliver a curriculum that intends to ensure that our children are challenged, excited and enthusiastic about their learning and that if our children have skills in a particular subject we will discover them.

• We aim for the skills and knowledge that is taught to be remembered and build on previous skills and knowledge.

• We value partnerships including with our parents and the wider community and encourage their participation in school life.

• We continue to develop all of the learners in our academy whatever stage in their career.

Ravenfield Primary Academy Curriculum Statement 2020

• We provide a stimulating, caring, inclusive and enjoyable environment in which our children feel safe and secure, where they can build selfesteem, develop confidence and embrace challenges.

• We encourage our children to ‘Be Responsible Be Respectful Be Kind’ every day. This helps to develop positive relationships with their peers, adults involved in school and the environment.

Core Learning Values

We have a core set of learning values that support our children to be independent learners to develop important learning skills. Our Ravenfield Learners know what to do when they don’t know what to do. They use their learning skills. We remember these using the 5 Rs!

• Resilience - A resilient learner is persistent, keeps going and stays positive.

• Risk Taking - A risk taking learner tries new ideas and learns from making mistakes.

• Reflectiveness  - A reflective learner evaluates and learns from their experiences.

• Resourcefulness  - A resourceful learner knows what to do when they don’t know what to do!

• Relationships - A learner who values relationships works well as part of a team.