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School Council

We are delighted to announce our 2017/18 School Council! A school is nothing if it does not listen to the voices of its students and act upon the student’s ideas, where possible. This is exactly what we are doing at Ravenfield Primary Academy. Our School Council voices the ideas of the entire student body to our Senior Leadership Team; they ensure that the children’s ideas are taken in to consideration when decisions are made with in the school. The council meets
once a month to discuss issues and ideas raised by the classes .
New Elections took place in September 2017 for new Council members,
as well as Head Boy/Girl / House Captains/Eco Rangers/Librarians/Play Leader

Class representatives: 

 Council Lead                             Vice Lead 

Year 1 - William G

Year 2 - Bobby P 

Year 3 - Emily G

Year 4- Henry G

Year 5 - Elliott M

Year 6 - Reggie S

Head Boy - Harry W

Head Girl - Ava L

House Captains 

House Captain - Webb (Red) Sophie B            Vice Captain -Ben B

Sports Captain- Webb (Red) Danny L              Vice Captain -Jemima J

House  Captain - Elliott -(Yellow) Harry  W     Vice Captain-Amaya R

Sports Captain - Elliott-(Yellow) Tommy S      Vice Captain - Darcey E 

House Captain - Goodison (Green) Sophie J     Vice Captain- Grace T

Sports Captain-Goodison (Green)  Luke H         Vice Captain-Ava L

House Captain - Trueman (Blue)  Randall WN   Vice Captain- Lily W

Sports Captian-  Trueman (Blue) Millie R            Vice Captain-Romanie E

Eco Rangers - 2 Representatives from each class 

Librarians - 2 Representative from each class

Play Leaders - 2 Representatives from each class